Friday, May 28, 2010

4 Years Strong

Yesterday I celebrated 4 years being married to the amazing, talented, handsome Jeremy Lutito. Words can't describe how blessed I feel to be in this marriage. To quote my husband.....

"The always expanding highs and lows bring a quicker hindsight and a deeper joy"

I couldn't have said it better. These years have brought good times and bad, exciting and boring, understanding and yet sheer confusion all at the same time. In all of this, I know the Lord is present and working in us everyday. I hate the phrase "falling in love" as if it were this unintentional, accidental freak thing that just happens. We have to choose to be intentional with each other every day of our lives and actively pursue one another. That is what keeps us strong and loving each other more and more each day. Looking forward to many more years with this man.

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