Thursday, December 2, 2010

Little Lady Lutito on her way!

My husband and I found out this week that we will welcoming a daughter into our lives late April! We are so incredibly filled with joy and excitement as this journey becomes even more real and I start to feel more of a connection to her. She is kicking around in there like crazy and letting her momma know she's an active one. Of course, I am so excited to think of the fun possibilities decorating her room and naming the little bug. We feel so blessed to be on this journey.

Fun facts about our little one:
She kicks a TON when I'm reading Harry Potter. I like to think she will have a vivid imagination :)
She loves grapes because that is ALL I want these days.
She already has beautiful little lips (see glamour shot below)


  1. little lady Lutito!!! YAHOO....she is so lovely and yes, "has lovely lips". CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND. So excited God's giving you this new journey.

  2. hello there! I just found your blog and I saw this post...congratulations! :) blessings to you and your family

  3. I'm so happy she is loving the frozen grapes, too. :)

  4. oh I could hug her already!!!! SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL LIKE HER MAMA! "She get it from her mama!" (remember that song? haha!)

  5. Oh my goodness... she is SO beautiful, Kellie!!!! I can't wait to meet the precious little lady. xo

  6. oooh man. i cannot believe we are grown + you are havin' your very own little sweet pea! congrats!