Monday, May 9, 2011

Isla Harper Lutito has arrived

On April 27th at 2pm, my life changed forever when our sweet Isla came into our lives. Words can't describe what happened to my heart at that moment, but suffice it to say there is nothing sweeter. I feel so blessed to have had a wonderful pregnancy and birth story, which was seasoned with the incredible support of loving friends and my amazing husband. Isla was 7 lbs 10 oz and 19.5'' long at birth. When she was being weighed and measured, she lifted her head up from the nurse, looked around the room and cracked a little smile. This was so telling of the little girl she is and the woman we pray she will grow up to be: strong, curious and joyful. Her timely arrival, just one day after her due date, made for a wonderful first Mother's Day for me that I will never forget. Here's to much joy to come, laughter, crying (her and I both), sleepless nights, sweet baby breath, unconditional love, utter confusion and pure bliss. We love you sweet Isla!

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