Sunday, January 23, 2011

DIY Book Page Wreath

I came across a beautiful wreath made entirely of old book pages online and decided to make one for myself. It made for a fun Sunday afternoon DIY project! Here's my how-to instructions. The whole project cost me $15 and that was just because the punch was expensive. Well, I guess I should count the $0.25 I purchased the book for at a garage sale!

1 book
Elmer's glue
EK Sucess Diamond Lace Slim Edger Punch

Begin by tracing a circle on your cardboard and cutting it out. Once you have your larger circle, trace a smaller circle inside and cut out the center to make the backing for your wreath.

Tear out all of the pages of the book. The edges don't need to be straight where you tear, as they won't show on the inside of the wreath. Punch along the edges of each page with the scalloped punch.

Fold each page into accordion shapes about 2-inches in width. Fold over the edge where the page was torn and glue the flap to secure the layers staying together. Glue that same edge to the outer rim of the cardboard circle. Continue this all the around the cardboard to complete your first layer.

Continue adding layers all around the circle until you have come to the center. Make sure you layer enough pages to add depth to your wreath. Once you come to the center layer, glue the inside of the flaps at the bottom of your pages around the inside circle so that it sticks to the back of the cardboard to cover seeing any of the backing. That's it!
Happy crafting!


  1. Kellie,

    I love this! I have seen other book wreaths, but this is definitely my favorite. I may just have to make one!

  2. Girl, you are *seriously* nesting and I love it! The wreath is fabulous!

  3. Thanks ladies! Ya'll are sweet. And yes, Lauren, the nesting is in FULL effect:)

  4. this is lovely. I make book wreaths too.

    The scalloped edge is my favorite part!
    Angela x

  5. I love love love that wreath! So creative and clever! I'm new to your blog and I'm already hooked with this fun DIY! I'm so happy I stumbled across you today! It was a pleasure *meeting* you today!

    <3 Ashley