Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nursery in progress!

I've been working on gathering my ideas and items for little lady's nursery and I'm so excited with how its turning out. My friend Chelsea of Oh My Deer Handmades is helping me gather my thoughts and here is direction it's headed. *Note the nursery shown below is NOT my nursery, just an inspiration as I embark on this process!


  1. You have such a sweet blog! Can I ask who designed your blog banner? It's so pretty.

    I love the nursery options! Congrats on having a baby-I had my first last June (a boy) and it's so much fun. Good luck :)

  2. Hey Sofi! Just checked out your blog too. Very cool stuff. How did you come across mine? I'm so intrigued by this new world of blogging, well its new to me :) Always wanting to find new and great blogs I like to follow like yours!

    My sister is a designer and designed my header for me actually. I love it too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It's looking BEAUTIMOUS! Miss you, xoxo

  4. Oh... cutie cutie cute cute. Next... wanna come to Tulsa and help MEEE?? I have a shared boys' room, a boy's nursery, and a boy's playroom. Come on over! :)